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“The Packers are disgusted by the behavior of Aaron Rodgers”

Green Bay still wants its quarterback back, but his behavior reportedly irritates management: “You would expect that with a contract like that he would be 100 percent committed.”

To return or not to return to Green Bay? Or maybe even move to the New York Jets? There is a lot of speculation surrounding Aaron Rodgers, when the future of the Packers’ quarterback is unclear. Meanwhile, according to the reports, Green Bay’s management is “disgusted” with the player’s behavior, who, as always, acts annoyed with the team come winter. According to NFL Network, the Packers still want Rodgers, who played his entire 18-year career with them and only signed last year on the extension of a four-year contract in the amount of approximately 200 million dollars. “enough”It’s clear they’re disgusted with him, even if they don’t say it,” said Tom Pelissero from the NFL channel. “If you sign a player to a contract like that, you expect him to be 100 percent committed.” Rodgers and the Packers ended the season on a bad note, with a loss to Detroit in the last game. In addition, he dealt with a finger injury. The problem for Green Bay is that they don’t have too much room under the ceiling, which reduces their chances of going far and creates grumbling in the player, who led them to only one Super Bowl win.”

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