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Aaron Rogers: “I will stay naked in the dark for four days and make a decision”

The quarterback of Green Bay is expected to decide on his future, and in the shadow of rumors about a trade or retirement, he says that he decided to isolate himself for 4 days: “I will stay in complete darkness, without clothes and without music”

After Tom Brady’s retirement announcement , has it also been Aaron Rogers’ turn? After signing a whopping $200 million, four-year contract last year, the revered Green Bay Packers quarterback is once again considering his future — and that future may be outside the NFL. After his name was also linked in various trades (what’s new?) Rogers decided to embark on what he called “recharging in the dark”. He explained that he would go to a small cabin where he would stay alone. Food will be delivered to him occasionally, but for 96 hours he will be alonewith himself regardless of the outside world. There, he says, “I will stay four nights in total darkness, without clothes and without music and I will make a decision.” Rogers said that he thought about this seclusion for a long time. “It was written on my calendar and now it’s time to execute.” By the way, if he retires before the 2023 season, he will lose $60 million, which he is entitled to that year according to the contract.

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